Cowboy Mounted Shooting Mercantile & Bulletin Board

(Please don't ask to join this group if your privacy settings are set that your identity cannot be verified as a real person! We WILL NOT APPROVE YOU.)
This group Is for "everything" to do with MOUNTED SHOOTING and the people that love it! So this group will be for listing "anything" that a mounted shooter may be interested in. Things such as, but NOT LIMITED TO: Guns, horses, western or shooting clothing, holsters, purses, boots, jeans, chinks and chaps, hats, t-shirts, ball caps, and also any shooting events anywhere! (Please keep jewelry items to NO MORE THAN 3 ITEMS PER PERSON and have a "shooting theme" to it.) The group is designed to attract and put together buyers and sellers that are in mounted shooting.
Every post needs to have a price posted please! And for horses, please post the location so everyone doesn't have to ask for it. Thanks.