Brockville BRAND NAME CLOTHING ONLY! Buy/sell/trade

PLEASE READ....This site is for ladies & mens/teens/kids brand name clothing only! No toys or other items please....bags/purses/scarfs/hats/belts/jewlery are accessories not clothing and will be deleted.....I will however allow shoes.
Bench, Lululemon, Hollister, areopostal, American eagle etc. If you are unsure if the item is considered brand name or not feel free to ask my general rule of thumb for brand name is ' if its not from Wal-Mart, superstore, giant tiger or stitches chances are its brand name'.

I will automatically ban you if you sell an item that is damaged w out stating the damage in your post first.
If you recieve 3 no show or unfair selling complaints you will be banned.

When you purchase and item it is no different than purchasing from a store, what you do w the item after is YOUR choice. People buy and resell for profit that is how the buy/sell/trade world works. Do not post items that you don't want re sold if anyone causes an issue over someone reselling their item the person creating the issue be the one banned.

From March Untill June 1st I will allow prom/grad style dresses after June 1st any that have not sold will be deleted.
Please do not ask me to sell your stuff for you, I do not do consignment.

Please delete posts as items sell...
Thank You :)

Happy buying/selling/trading everyone!!