yves rocher farmaci

It’s a group where you will find makeup’s accessories.
For yves rocher and farmaci product you will rceive it after one week maximum it depends when I will have the delivery
Q. How to place order?
A: If you are interested with an item, kindly inbox me with the link and your contact number. I will then place your order with my suppliers. Note: Down payment is needed.

Q: After how many days will you receive the item?( for other products which are not yves rocher and farmaci?
A: It normally takes 3-4 weeks for the item to reach us, after which we will contact you for delivery.
Sometimes it may take much more time up to 6 weeks due to non working days such as holidays and week end and also due to customs.
So we would advise you to please bear with us and wait up to 8 weeks

Q: How is delivery done?
A: Delivery is normally done at curepipe,quatre borne,rosehill
Q: Are the items exchangeable or returnable?
A: Unfortunately there is no refund. We would also request you to verify the item properly on the delivery day, if defect is found after that, no refund will be made.

Q: Is down payment needed?
A: Yes you need to make a down payment of 3/4of item above Rs 300 and full payment for items up to Rs 300, and then I will go ahead with your order. Down payment can be done either by bank deposit or by cash personally. You will then receive a receipt that you have to send me as copy

Please note that you should pick up your items within 7 days after that I have contacted you for delivery. Failure to do so will result in you losing the item, and it will be delivered to other people who are interested in the item.
And also, I will not contact you more than once for the delivery. If you wish to postpone the delivery day you should contact me yourself to confirm. If I do not receive any confirmation from you, I will consider that you will not take the item.
This applies to competition gifts as well.

We rely on your understanding and co-operation.