On Your Trolley! Sainsburys have rolled out nationwide now time for others!

This is a group to CELEBRATE the work done by one Mum and to make EVERYONE across the UK aware of the brilliant steps SAINSBURYS have taken in providing these trolleys for children with special needs and Autism across the whole country , they LISTENED .... Lets see if the other ''big two'' do the same!!!

Spread the word , share share share and lobby Tesco and Asda to do the same or they WILL LOSE customers as children with disabilities and their families make up a HUGE CHUNK of the British population , so let's see what Asda and Tesco are going to do about it...

So far only some highly uncomfortable and unsafe special needs trolleys available at only SOME of their branches , some WITHDRAWN due to 'health and safety' issues , surely this IS a health and safety issue for children with disabilities across the WHOLE of the UK and Sainsburys HAVE ADDRESSED these issues! :-)