Auction n Sale it , cheap ,simple & Easy ... Lancaster city


1. Please have sizes on all clothing and shoes. Furniture is also allowed..
2. Please make sure all items are in good condition and limited stains.
3. All items are buy at your own risk.
4. After item is sold, please delete your post.
5. Please no selling of stolen items, firearms,gift cards or liquor.
6. If the bid is set to end at 9pm the last bid has to be entered by 9:00pm on the dot
7.ask permission, before any announcement. ...admin will decide if alloweds. The post...
Only post item repost item just comment on post...once a day

Any issues please message Amy Williams . I will attend any issues after 6pm. Sharyn Lopez will have input and final descion on any issues.

We may add or change these rules at anytime just to make our site more efficient.