Crookston Area Garage Sale Group

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the group! Please take a minute to read over the rules.

Post items you have for sale in the group, feel free to use photos. Please share this group and add people who live in or around Crookston MN. People who live outside of Crookston MN area are welcome to participate as well, but please be willing to travel. :)


*Please create an album rather then posting multiple individual photos.

*Do not excessively bump your album.

*Do not bump individual photos.

*Delete the photo when the item is sold.

*No selling or giving away used car seats of any kind.

*The intention of this group is for people to be able to find quality used products at an affordable price. It is against our rule to purchase an item from another group member to resell at a profit. When reselling an item purchased on the group we would appreciate if you would acknowledge in your post that you purchased the item from within the group & sell it for equal or lesser value than you paid for it so as not to cause any discrepancies with other members.

*If you have a complaint please private message the page owner or admin. (Natasha Baggett (group owner) Amanda Wagner Lannen (Admin)or Katherine Campos (Admin).

*Be respectful of other users. Fighting, bullying & drama will not be tolerated.

*The seller chooses who they sell their item to. We recommend first come first serve but it is at the sellers discretion.

*No shoe ads, or things that may be considered spam. This includes catalog type businesses (mary kay, scentsy, etc.)

*Local business ads are OK to post on this page as long as its not excessive. If you want to post photos, you will need to have your own separate business page and share or link your photos, rather than posting your photos directly to the group.

*You may post community events on this page.

*If you have been banned for not following our guidelines & you use another persons account or a made up account, we will ban it as well. We do keep a running list of people that have been warned about the guidelines. We will only issue 2 warnings & the 3rd time you breach the rules, you will be banned.

*When arranging for pick-up of an item we recommend you set up the details in a private message (pm) not on the group wall just a a safety precaution. This is a pretty safe community, but the internet is open for the whole world to see!

*You may want to limit your notifications. This way you are only notified when someone comments on a post you have made, instead of when anyone makes a post. To do this, look in the upper right hand corner. There is a tab that says "Notifications". Click the tab & follow the prompts.

*To post from a mobile phone, open the internet on your phone & go to facebook from there. From FB click "Use desktop version" and visit the group. Click the photos tab and click "create album".

Thank you so much for being a part of the group!!