Help support the *Staffie Breed*


Staffies have a bad name. There Is a lot of bad press about these dogs, but what people don't realise is this: it isn't the dogs, it's the owners. Some Staffies have the biggest hearts and are the softest dogs ever...

Animals aren't objects to ban. They have feelings just like you and I, so please help keep this amazing breed out of bad media.

Media have wrote stories on this breed for a long time now, The debate on if they should be banned is still happening, So please people help us spread the word about this amazing breed of dog and lets try make people aware that it's NOT the breed of the dog that's dangerous its simply the hands behind them, If a dog as attacked someone then there is a reason behind this behaviour, Maybe a lack of love, being mistreated and in most cases being taught to fight, This has to stop, This isn't fair on all of us who own/owned a staffy and it certainly isn't fair on the poor dogs who get destroyed on a daily because of this, So please come together to support this amazing breed we all love.

Stop discriminating based on breeds! It's no better than racism. The real threats are the owners and not the dogs.

Share photos and videos of your little loved ones all are welcomed let's show of this amazing breed.

Don't keep this group a secret please share to your friends and get the word out!

Other 'bull' breeds are also welcomed on this group, we don't just support one we support them all as a community



1, No posting pictures of animal cruelty this is an instant BAN!

2, Please don't use bad language against other members or admins.

3, We don't accept any form of bullying this is also an instant BAN, If you feel someone is targeting you then please seek admins help.

4, We do not accept advertising on this group ect: Re-homing, Dogs free to good home or dogs for sale, Please take on note that post will be removed instantly.

5, Please no bad mouthing any other "Bull" Breeds this will not be tolerated either.

6, If people wish to share their dog on this group no matter what breed then please don't say otherwise all breeds are welcomed.

If you need any help or have an issue please contact one of our Admins:

* Nikki Louise Jones.

* Paul Jones.

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Thanks for reading guys