EX-Cyprus Dogs Adopted in UK

This is a page where you can post events, ask questions or offer advice,add photos etc regarding your dogs that you have adopted into UK from Cyprus.
http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/excyprusdogs/?u=3A98ZW is our fundraising page to support of these organisations and charities. Please take a look and support by registering so that all of your online shopping can make a difference!
Please note: Following requests for being able to post dogs needing to be adopted /fostered in UK, please put any documents in the Add Files section. Please follow this format, so that they can easily be spotted:HOME NEEDED Sex, Breed/s, age and then add details below the heading. We ask this so that the timeline does not fill with requests for rehoming. There is a sample file there, for your guidance. Please link this post to your own facebook page as well.
Please ask people to join if they have got a dog from Cyprus, or have been instrumental in getting one over here, for fostering or for their forever home. This is a family webpage, so please show images knowing that they may be seen by younger people. We look forward to reading about your dogs, so add files where possible so that the thread is not lost on the timeline.
It's hopefully going to give the rescuers in Cyprus a place where they can see that all their hard work is so worthwhile when they see the dogs in their new homes ! There may be a slight delay while admin approve your posts, please bear with us. Welcome, and enjoy!