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I hope no one is upset that I post this, but as quite a few of you have visited our restaurant know that we have been blessedly busy and continuing to grow every day - and with the help and support of the community we have grown and continue to grow, and we are now in a position where we need helping hands and need to hire team members. I am having a hard time finding an afternoon team member to help with our dinner rushes from 5 PM - 8 PM, on Monday - Saturday, that sees eye to eye with me on customers and customer service to cherish our customers as much as I do! Can you all please help spread the word, we are looking for a part time team member. "Join our team for part time employment, at Amarillo Hut! We are hiring more help for our growing restaurant, seeking someone with positive energy and good charisma. We only hire persons above the age of 18 + years of age. We will only hire someone who has their own form of transportation to own a car, as we need reassurance that our team member can have consistent and dependable transportation to arrive punctually on time for scheduled shifts to be reliable. We prefer people with past working experience in fast food, restaurant (s), and/or retail. We are seeking someone who can and will work Monday - Saturday, from 5 PM - 8 PM. We will pay $7.25 per hour. We will provide you a free meal within the time frames you are working with us, so you will be eligible to eat free dinner every day that you work with us – as well as a free 32 ounce soft drink or Tea (Unsweet or Sweet Tea). If you are interested in joining our team, please do email us at . Please email us your resume, and in your email please state your name and phone number, and we will contact all potential candidates for an interview. Please also state in your email your references, please state your previous jobs and their correlating supervisors that directly supervised you with their name and phone number - as we do call and check references. No phone calls, please. We look forward to soon receiving and reading your email. If you want to learn more about us, please do check us out on Facebook,"