Flyers by Shawna

Hi! I'm Shawna Potter. I make a lot of flyers for my own Scentsy business, and I'm happy to share! I've shared in other groups, but the request started taking over the pages and people were personally messaging me asking if i had flyer's for specific warmers, scents, etc. It got a little overwhelming, so I decided to make this page. I'll upload all of my flyers here and they'll be organized in simple photo albums for you to find. This is not a request group! If you have an idea for a flier that can benefit everyone's business the same, i'll consider making it. All ideas must be placed in the comments of the lightbulb photo (that you can find in the photos section of the group). Also, I feel like I shouldn't even have to address this, but do not take flyers from this group and claim them as your own in other groups. Be respectful please. Feel free to invite your Scentsy friends here too :)