Hi Welcome to Labrador's in Malta Facebook Group! This is a non-profit group with the only intention to encourage Lab owners to join in and talk about labs, post pictures and organise an activity, where we can get together with our labs.

Rules: LABRADORS MALTA is a group created for the passion of this beautiful breed, to share photos, experiences, adventures, exchange opinions, ask questions, information, news and all that involves our 4-legged friends Labrador Retrievers. All advertisements promoting litters, sale of puppies, use of studs, females for mating, Kennel Names, etc. will be removed without warning.

Any members inquiring about availability of puppies, breeder’s part of the group are invited to contact the person inquiring via private messaging. Public posts will be removed without warning.

No member is to mention publically any breeders or give any breeders contact details. If anyone wishes to share such information with another member, again contact is to be done via private messaging. Public posts will be removed without warning.

Direct or indirect publicity of food brands, toys, training services, grooming services, pet sitting services and other services related to dogs by companies and individuals with the intent of promoting particular brands and services are not permitted nor as new posts and neither in comments replying to a post.

Any member wishing to open a discussion or enquiring about food brands/issues, training, toys, grooming services, pet sitting services, vet services and other related matters, is free to do so and any member of this group not directly connected to companies or individuals can and are encouraged to recommend, suggest and express their opinions on posts enquiring about a particular issue. Those companies / individuals directly connected with the topic of the post, are encourage to comment by giving unbiased opinions, without referring directly or indirectly to the brands or services they offer. Companies and individuals wishing to offer further information on a particular issue are invited to contact with members via private messaging and vice versa members wanting to enquire with companies and individuals their service.

Please read carefully all the above posting rules, those members / companies / individuals that do not abide by these rules will be banned from the group and all post will be removed without warning.