⚽ Football Bloody Hell ⚽

╰☆╮ All Football Fan$ are WelcomE ╰☆╮ *Familial Abuse & Racism i...s banned ..... Cherish the most beautiful game in the world with your pure ♥heart rather than getting involved in rubbish abusive talks :)) ㋡

This is a place to be for all The Hardcore Football Addict$ to show their LovE , Passion, Emotions, Vengeance, Never Die Spirit, Forever till Death Obsession, Win or Lose always with my team Addiction and Utmost CrazE for your beloved Clubs or National Teams and to fight it out with other Football Maniacs around the World !!! ❅

Football is about fans, for the atmosphere during the weekends, going to the stadium with friends and having a good experience, football is an ambassador for the humanitarians, inspiration for many young people, fun for the sport lovers, pride for the winners. Football is an example for any other sport! It presents values to the wide society. It is a way of living!

*** Here’s to Kick-Offs, Goals, Assists, Shootouts, Livin’ on the road,
The smell of wet grass, Early mornings, Breakaways, Crossbar Shots, Countless hours of Practice, Nike Cleats, Thousands of Dollars, Shin Pads, Pig Passes, Loud Chanting, New Equipment, Sniping Shots, Corner Kicks, Coaches, Passion in our numbers, llving with your Teammates, the guys you trust become your second family, pick up, Fights,
Let downs, Miracles. Some people say football's a matter of Life & Death, but it isn’t! it’s much more then that, and most of all – the best game
in the world, Our Passion, Our Life, Our Future, Our Love, Our Game ::❤ Football ❤ ::

◄ " Football ForevA even after i diE " ►

❤ GOD bless FIFA n Our Religion - ♕ "Football!!" ♕

★ ✩ ✯ ✰ ☆

ღ *$pirit of Football Bloddy Hell* ღ

Help us Grow this Group as it is in budding steps n WE Promise you we wil make it Awesum Togethr!!

Say No to Racism ‼ ▇▇▇ Every1 of us is Equal, Dont Discriminate ▇▇▇