New York Albanian Film Week

Movie Event in New York City

The Albanian Film Week in the United States of America is the first of its kind.
America is amongst places with the highest numbers of active Albanian in the promotion of the Albanian art and culture, who has been welcoming and following this important event!

The presence of Albanian cineastes in this event will have a positive impact in the development of the Albanian cinematography as well as in the promotion of many Albanian artists in front of the American audience.

Moreover, many representatives of the well-known American studios in search of possible topics to realize large cinematographic projects will take part. Therefore, their presence and possible contacts with the Albanian creators will be an important step and a possibility towards the cooperation between American and Albanian productions.

One of the most powerful means to share and gain new lessons through the universal language of film. Whether projected in theaters or screened on TV, be it in DVD or internet, films entertain, educate and inspires us influencing on how we understand and act in the real world.

The objective of the event

Through the different film works we aim to present the cultural and historic values of the Albanian nation and journey of the cinematography. The debate between the Albanian artists from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Presheva and Diaspora will bring new collaborations between Albanian and American artists wherever they are. Building inter-cultural contacts between Albanian artists will support the penetration of the Albanian culture and art in the international arena, specifically cinematography.

Furthermore, the screening of the film projects we bring a totally different image from the previous years, as the international public will get to know the cultural, political and social reality in Kosovo, Albania and wherever there are Albanians through art and culture. This will open a dialogue for the actual culture of the Albanian film, offering the Albanian cinema to the US audiences, opening a better perspective to preserve and continue our culture.

Albanian Film Week