Zimbabwe Entrepreneurs Magazine

This issue will feature all Entrepreneurs all over the world, from prominent to new into the game.

At Zimbabwe Entrepreneurs magazine our reporters work tirelessly to bring you the stories of these people, to serve as motivation to pursue your own goals relentlessly while triumphing in this quest.
One of the reasons why young men and women of color (especially blacks) lag behind in all index of social and economic development is due to lack of role models to look up to. They have a total misconception of what it takes to succeed.

Zimbabwe Entrepreneurs magazine seeks to serve as a repository for disseminating the stories, struggles and triumphs of men and women of success. Hopefully, the new generation can read their stories and say YES! I can do it too.
The People category on Zimbabwe Entrepreneurs magazine is divided into two sections namely People and People - Up & Coming. The People category discusses people who are accomplished in their fields of endeavor and the Up & Coming section discusses people who are in the frontline of their careers and on the verge of becoming fully accomplished. We will strive to have sufficient coverage of people from different fields and occupations, so that whatever your chosen career or motivation, you will find company in one or two of these people.
So feel free to explore our entries in the People section. This is just the start and we promise to deliver the best and the greatest news and stories of successful Zimbabweans.You can also search for a person of interest by using the search function in the HEADER bar above. We hope you enjoy our stories and please come back again. Feel free to also explore other post categories such as Business, Fashion & Entertainment and Sports. This is just the beginning, in future we plan to expand and cover all people of Zimbabwe descent and their achievements.