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NEW PROPOSALS MEAN IT’S ALWAYS FESTIVE SEASON FOR UNELECTED PEERS The ‪#‎SNP‬ is today highlighting reform proposals that will give retired Lords continued access to subsidised restaurants and bars in the House of Lords. Proposed reforms designed as an incentive to encourage peers to ‘retire’ is that they can continue to use the facilities and have access to the numerous restaurants and bars to entertain clients and business contacts. The House of Lords currently consists of over 830 members – largely comprised of cronies and Westminster party donors. The SNP – whose long standing position is not to take peerages - have previously raised the issue of ‘cash for peerages’ with Scotland Yard. This new plan will mean that even for retired peers the privileged partying can carry on – with little or no scrutiny and will open parliament up to further potential of sleaze with a total lack of accountability. Angus MacNeil SNP MP commented: “At a time when many people across Scotland are struggling to make ends meet, proposals to allow retired peers to continue to use lavish Lords facilities at taxpayers’ expense take the biscuit. It seems the festive season never ends for peers. “Earlier this year, I wrote to the Metropolitan Police urging them to review new evidence about cash for peerage deals admitted by Liberal Democrat party treasurer Lord Razzall. But it seems that just as we get to grips with one scandal another emerges. “At Westminster, we already have the ludicrous situation that there are far more legislators who are appointed than elected. It beggars believe that in 2014 we still have a system of unelected peers claiming up to £300 a day just to clock in. “The SNP's long-standing position is that we believe those making laws should be elected by the people, and therefore we do not nominate members to the House of Lords. “With Tory austerity set to continue as at least £25bn more in cuts heads Scotland’s way, it is time for the Westminster parties to review this ludicrous proposal.”