Indiana guns for $250 or less

With Facebooks new regulations regarding gun sales pages I have updated pinned post to reflect new policies.
1. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to buy ,sell, or join group.
2. No selling of firearms across state lines without an FFL.
3. Under no circumstances will any member intentionally or willfully conduct any sales in direct violation of any state or federal gun laws.
4. Under no circumstances are any owners or admins of this page legally or ethically liable for any any transactions.
5. It is up to you to know and follow all state, and federal firearm laws.
6. All Sales/Trades of firearm and firearm accessories need to be $250 and under. ANYTHING OVER WILL BE DELETED.
7. The Price, Location, and Pictures need to be on the post, not in the comments.
8. If you are trying to trade, then the trade value needs to be posted, and $250 or under. All trade items need to be firearms or firearm related items.
9. If you find something or someone that may be a problem feel free to contact and tag an admin to look over it.
10. Anyone that continues to violate the rules will be kicked.