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This is a group for Avon, CT moms and dads to meet each other, make new friends and share their interests and causes, and also to inform others of their favorite places to go and businesses. The group has become a tremendous resource of great information, friendship, support and insightful dialog. With this being said, DO NOT post negative comments about businesses, schools, people or organizations in this group. This is a very small community and one person's opinion posted on this site can be devastating. If you have a problem or have had a bad experience, please contact that establishment directly to discuss your problem. Many great improvements can be made from a bad experience when handled correctly.

Please note, this group was created for adults and minors will no longer be approved to be members. I defend the opportunity for everyone's voice to be heard, so if a minor has a comment or something to share, please have an adult post on your behalf.

Do not SELL items on this site. You can give recommendations of a website but do not try and sell on here or have a company promote on this page.

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