26 platoon 2014

sooo huge congrats to everyone for making it through basic training was such a honor and proud moment to march out with such a great bunch of people and so great full to spend the five weeks with that made the occasional beasting much more bearable!,

Anyhow now its all completed i thought id take the initiative to start up this page so we can at least keep in touch, reminisce on all the good times, see how were all progressing though our army career's, possibly catch up at some point or simply feel the need to stalk everyone!
Also just a heads up don't put any pics of inside defence buildings etc or hash tags,.. going from other peoples profiles that i know in the army the pics we got from the photographers or march out pics should be sweet.. Don't wanna sound like the fun police and i know everyone here is pretty switched on anyway but rather be safe than sorry.

Anyhow hope to hear from y'all soon
from yours truly sleepy :)