Buccaneers of the Damned

HI all and thank you for your interest in our little shindig of a Pirate game.  This doc will be updated, added, spell and grammar checked by Cam as we go, but the structure and guide to the Ring Isles will come to life through you and your adventures.
Buccaneers of the Damned – The Known World guide.
Welcometo the World Guide of the Ring Islands and the known world of BOD.Thisdocument will get added to all the time as new Islands are discovered or becomerelevant in the game. 
Prolog.Our story continues 3years after ‘The Ship’ (event) and 20 years after the bloody Colonial Wars,fought between the 5 main powers.
The Colonies havenaturally shifted towards a nautical society with each Island having a mainPort and a Colonial Governor. The Governors have sole responsibility and powerover their Islands and Colony and with support from the Captains and theirShips.
The game will feature manyways you can make coin, through booty and treasure, trade and commerce orunderhand dealings. This includes NPC groups on and off the main central islandof Salvation. The main bulk of trade however will be Salvage from other new orlost wrecks. Wrecks happen all the time, but most are lost to the deep reefswill all onboard. Salvage is how many of the ships survive. We like to thinkthis game has something for everyone.
Brief History of the Ring Islands
For centuries, this lost paradisehas gone by many names in many cultures but is best known as The Ring Islands. Forgottento books and carvings on ancient walls, It was believed to be one of the fewplaces the ancient Gods hide their most treasured artifact and hordes of Goldaway from greedy mankind.It is a place of great mystery,with a thick fog that surrounds it and hides it away from the world. Only theunfortunate or those, hell bent on finding its secrets arrive here and noneever leave. Those that try to escape find themselves returning back through thefog and to the Islands shores again or are lost to the mists.   Many ship have returned adrift with allhands missing. The rocks and reefs surrounding the Archipelago also claim manylives and wreckage pokes out of the seas all around them. This graveyard hasbeen added too for centuries and shows the spoils of many great nations andEmpires in its depths.
So…how does it work?Themany known Islands that have been populated and settled on are governed andcontrolled by the main Colonial Islands, of which there are 5.  The British, Spanish, French, Dutch andPortuguese. 
EachColony is ruled by a Governor, whose power is absolute and strengthened by thecontrol of the Military and the support of the council of the Five Captains (Thecouncil of five).   Only an Admiral cancontest the position of Governor and potentially take power. At which point,the Admiral will become Governor.  Hisold ship will then vote in a new Captain.Togain the title of Admiral, a Captain must gain the support of at least 2 of theother ships Captains from The council of five.
Dueto the nature of all that have wrecked here over the centuries, this nauticalway of law has taken precedence of any other and has become the way things aredone, even if you’re a land lover and don’t take to the seas.
The Governors Council and theSupreme Magistrate.Allfive of the Governors keep the peace in their Colonies, but all answer to the counciland the wisdom of the Supreme Magistrate who chairs it.  The Supreme Magistrate’s seat lasts for aterm of 3 years and new candidates are put forward after each colony has votedtheir candidate, then the Governors themselves vote.  AGovernor can hold the title of both, but this has never happened yet.  The Supreme Magistrate resides in the CAPITOLof Salvation, which is the prime Island of all the colonies.  Atthe moment is a British one.
Ourstory start on Salvation and around LOGANSBAY, but as most of the Colony towns are the same in design, we can movethe events from Port to Port and use the same site ;)
Welcome to the Isle of the East‘Salvation’ – A British ColonySalvationis the CAPITOL Island of the Colonies and home to the Supreme Magistrate. Atthis time in the game it’s controlled by British Governorship and has beenBritish since the end of the Colonial wars. The Governor, who resides in Port Royal, runs the three other ports withthe help of his Marines (Red Coats) and the Council of Five. 
Port RoyalTheseat of power in Salvation, Port Royal and the many ships that sail its watersis a central hub to the Colonies.  ThePort itself houses the might of the British Fleet and has an impressive drydock and builders yard, though for centuries, most of the wood is brought in orsalvage from wrecks.
White Back BayAlarge cove with deep water, that allows even the largest ships to get close tothe white cliffs of White Back Bay saving time on transshippingeverything.  A series of trollies andpulley’s lift the cargo straight off the ships and onto carts for the shortjourney to the warehouses.  Logan’s Bay Namedafter the privateer Samuel Logan, Logan’s Bay is a home for the adventuroustype.  20 years ago, during the Colonialwars, Logan ran a very successful enterprise under the banner of the BritishFlag.  Huge amounts of tonnage was seizedand either fenced or sold here.  Althoughits part of Salvation, the Bay is despised by the other Colonies and only usedby privateers or Salvage gangs.
NewportOnly20 years old and built just after the Colonial wars, Newport is the largest portin the known world.  Over 6000 peoplelive and work around this massive settlement and although only classed as atown, house’s the cosmopolitan heart of the Colonies.  There is rivalry between White Back Bay andNewPort for trade and both have been known to spill blood over this mutualcompetitiveness.

‘Thelaws of the Colonies’. Thiswill be added soon.

The Structure of the Colonies.
Allthe Colonial Islands run the same code of laws and structure, though the namesmight be different.

Governorof the ColonyClerkto the GovernorClerkto CommerceCaptainof the Watch and the Watchmen
MilitaryCaptainof the MarinesSergeantto ArmsCorporalMarinesColonialShips Captains and crew
TheCouncil of Five – official ships recognized by the Governor of a Colony.Admiral– Special title for a Captain that has 3 or more ships captains assigned to him.Captain– Master of a ship and crewQuarterMasterBoatswainShipscookDoctor
TradesmanThisis the bulk of the population; everyone has a trade, even if it’s a farmhand.  Anyone that has no work or incomesimply staves to death.
The Isle of the West - Voodun  Voodunis made up of only two known settlements, The Town of Redemption and the Fisherman’sCamp, which both sit on the Eastern shores and point towards Salvation.  Only a lucky handful of people have everlanded on the shore of Voodun and made it off alive.  Plenty have returned dead!!  Home to many tales and nightmares, one thingthat is known, is that its home to a powerful Voodoo Witch and the luringFisherman of Pan.  Also,surrounding the islands shores are the deadly Dread of Voodun! 
TheIslands of the Colonies
Isleof Avalon - British Main Island (not including Salvation)
Isleof Castile - Spanish Main Island
Isleof Orleans – French Main Island
TheOrange Isles- Dutch Main Island
Isleof Lisbon - Portuguese Main Island
 Wewill name all the other Islands as they become relevant in our story.