Bangor's Ghost

This is a group page for anyone who would like to keep up to date with Bangor's Ghost updates, and also a platform for anyone with stories and interesting facts to share about Bangor Co.Down to join us in shedding light on this wee town's incredibly rich history.

Bangor's Ghost Show has run as part of Open House Festival in Bangor for the last two years upstairs at the Windsor Hotel in Bangor, which has sadly now closed it's doors, now another ghost of the past, we have had some amazing acts including David Lennon & Band, Cherrie McIlwaine, Moyra Donaldson, Duke Special, Juliet Turner, The Emerald Armada & Farriers.

The in the round show was created in order to shed light on interesting stories from Bangor's past, from recent history to way way back to the Vikings and further back again. I would like to welcome everyone with interest in sharing information about any historical Bangor related stuff. It could be photos of your grandparents at the beach and personal stories too if you wish.

This isn't just about Bangor's Ghost as a show but what I hope to be a Bangor's Ghost community page for everyone to enjoy and share old photo's, tales and interesting facts, no matter how big or small.

Let's have some fun!

Rachel x