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Kraftwerk formed in Germany in the late 1960s, firstly they were called Organisation they released on album called 'tone Float' and were heavily influenced by Pink Floyd. The Two main members Florain Schnieder, Ralf Hütter . They were joined by Wolfgand flur on electronic percussion and started to make experimental albums, Kraftwerk 1 , 2 were released. In 1972 Ralf and Florain was released and they were joined by percussionist Karl Bartos to make up the legendry Kraftwerk line up. Kraftwerk recieved widespread recognition in 1974 with the album 'Autobahn' the album was a 22 minute piece, covering the subject of german motorways. They followed this up with several albums in the 1970s. The next album was 'Radioactivity' that was released in 1975, they then followed this up in 1977 with the album 'Trans Europe Express' and again this was followed by 'the man machine album'. These albums are classics in electronic music, all combine experimental electronic music with melodies that are timeless.

In the Uk Punk had been and gone but kraftwerk were influencing everyone from David Bowie, to the new romatic acts. The released the album ' Computer world' in 1981 which was a stunning album of the time. Featuring classic tracks like 'Numbers'.

In the UK they re-released the single 'the model' that was originally on the 1978 album 'Man Machine'. It went to no1.
Apart from the 1983 single Tour De France they went quiet for a few years and resurfaced in 1986 with the album 'Eletcric Cafe' . All though not praised highly by the press at the time the album is ahead of its time.
However tensions within the band were rising and Wolfgang Flur and Karl Bartos .

By the time of 1991 remix album 'the mix' Kraftwerk were undergoing a resurgence due to the blossoming dance scene, but this album was to be the last album from Kraftwerk for 13 years. They came back onto the scene and released 'Tour De France soundtracks' which was a reworking of their 1983 classic, but almost all the album tracks are unregonisable from the original.

Kraftwerk are so influential to the dance scene and have a broad appeal and you cant say that about many bands, the remain as influential as they did when they first released records 37 years ago,.