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Of Course Shoegaze - Nugaze, Ambient, Ethereal, Dream Pop, Post Rock, Post Punk, New Wave, Psychedelia, Dark Wave, Alternative, Indie Rock and more...


(NEW) Radio Experiences are never just "shows"

Official Radio Experience of Shoegazer Sanctuary & Radio

Hosted by Joe Shoegazer G
(@JShoegazer) on Twitter
Make THE SANCTUARY Your Radio Experience

"Great Sound, Has No Barriers"

A Radio Experience aired monthly every first Friday night
The Sanctuary is broadcasted at
9PM UK / 10 PM CET & again at 9PM EST.

Primal Radio Live (24 hour radio stream)

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The Sanctuary on Mixcloud


Want to check out a Group where you are able to expand your sharing of the amazing Indie Genre and Share the following:

Indie: Rock/Pop, Dance, Electronica, Folk, Madchester, Britpop, and much more?
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Acceptable posts:

1. RADIO IS ALL ABOUT PLAYLISTS! Share your creative playlists at anytime

2. Any song(s) you want to share aired on the following Radio stations including genres played during any given radio station's regular broadcast. (aside from shoegaze broad casts)

Check out our Radio Station/Podcast List!

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Basic Group Ethics:

No profanity

Share your Music, free of any and all negativity. The first sign of someone making any type of insult emphatically stated, expressed, implied, subliminal, ANYTHING! that member will be removed. No criticism of bands or other members shares.

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