All Things Celtic Thunder

This is for celebrating and promoting all things Celtic Thunder. We welcome you to join in in helping with this. A place to gather and have fun.

Tina Smith and Joey Hoefer

1. Be nice or leave this room please. Respect one another please.
2. No negative talk about CT or a member of this group at anytime for any reason.
3. No soliciting at any time for any reason.
4. No foul langue or posts at anytime for any reason.
5. No minors will be accepted
6. No selling or asking for money is allowed in the group.
7. PLEASE- Do Not copy the ideas from this room and use them in anther room(s).
8. Administrators have final say, have the right to delete posts without notice if inappropriate, may accept members into this group, may ban a member without warning if necessary but, 1 warning will be issued whenever appropriate
9. ONLY Admin. may add a member to this group.
10. Any exceptions to above rules must be cleared by administrators for approval.