Adventures In Travel Nursing

This group is a drama-free place for travel nurses and nurses interested in traveling, to share their experiences in all the exciting (and not so exciting) places that we travel to. So often I see posts on the travel nurse boards "has anyone ever been to ____ city and how is it?" Here's a place for you to post your pictures, your recommendations about lodging and things to do in the area. You can also post about the facilities that you travel to and how you liked them. (no patient info and keep it professional please) If you are RVer's like us, welcome and share any great tips you have on places and things to do! And of course, no recruiting posts, but would love for recruiters to share their adventures and their photos also! I have only been traveling for 3 years so I am looking forward to seeing all the places you have been and putting them on my bucket list :) Hopefully this can be a resource for your future travel planning.