Colorado State University CMENC Chapter

This is a place where almost all of CSU's music ed majors already spend the bulk of their "free" time, so let's use Facebook to our advantage and organize ourselves here.

It is our goal within the coming months to "jump start" our chapter at CSU, and bring back the community involvement that we were once known for. As a group we will help to get pre-service music teachers (that's you) as comfortable and prepared as possible both in your classes here and getting out into the schools. That includes bringing active teachers here to give advice, getting out the the schools and working with kids, and anything else we can come up with.

Please stay tuned for more details and look for information updates both here and outside room 136 in the UCA. CSU has the most music ed majors out of any other university in the state (Yes...including CU). Let's do CSU proud!