Jetskier's of Queensland

This Group was created for the skier's that just want to Jetski, with none of the attitude that some people give off. My name is Robbo Morris, and along with a few friends, we decided we needed a new group. I do not own the Group, no one does, its a group and not a Club. People will only be banned if they continually disregard the Rules set down by the lawmakers of this country in regards to Jetski-ing. Jetski-ing is a great way to meet awesome people, as I recently did when i participated in the 2014 Variety Jet Trek, which was a 800 k ride from Pt Macquarie to Mooloolaba. The people I met on that ride were fantastic and I have made some long term friends from it, which is why this group was created. I would like to suggest that there should be no vulgar language used in comments or status's, and if people have an issue, please deal with it and keep it off the Groups page. People in this group can decide if they want to organise Dinner's, BBQ's and day rides, weekends away camping, which a few of us recently done at Hervey Bay and was a fantastic event, except the odd occasional Fuel starvation or sand bank adventure. so please feel free to suggest rides, and also be tough enough to handle the odd occasional spray from another skier. as stated previously, NO ONE OWNS THIS GROUP, there will be no Fee's associated with Joining, and any new members will have option of joining, but if there is any more than 3 objections, then sorry, it won't happen. The group members owns this page and can only become a success with the assistance of its members.