Charlie Bears Australia - Sale/Swap/Wanted

Charlie Bears Australia Swap/Sell/Wanted welcomes bear lovers from across the globe. We value every member and ask you to be mindful that this is a public forum and everyone can see comments and posts. Therefore, when posting ensure messages are appropriate and respectful of all members.
We welcome all post in regard to selling and swapping Charlie Bears and we ask that you honour the sale to the first interested party and should that sale fall through then the next interested etc. Overseas sellers please take in account that most of us are in Australia and post sales on this page only if you are prepared to ship to Australia. Once a bear has been sold can you please remove the post to avoid disappointment for other interested parties.
We have a wanted list pinned to the top of the page where you are welcome to comment the wanted bear’s names only. You are also welcome to post individual posts in the news feed about wanted bears. Again, once your most wanted is located and purchased please remove the post. We have a lot of members who love locating bears for others and if you already have that bear then those people can spend time helping others.
All sales are to have name, price and condition of the bear. Your own individual photos are to be used so people can see the actual bear they are buying. You are welcome to bump your for sale posts up to twice a week then everyone gets a go at being at the top of the page.
We love feedback about sellers and love to see the bears arrive at their new home. So any photos of your new arrivals are welcome if you wish to thank the seller publically.
Also if your bear is for sale on eBay please advise accordingly, and it has been suggested that the sale price be consistent.
We are going to try and keep this page simple so please remember to delete your posts once sold. Admin check this page often so we may delete old posts once we know your bear has been sold etc.
Stockists are welcome to post new arrivals and bears for sale without flooding the page.
The I Love Charlie Page is a great page to share your photos and stories, and most of us are on both pages and if you aren’t then please request to join. Please contact one of the admin team if you need further clarification…
Enjoy those Charlie Bears…from the Admin Team…Clare Day & Karen Davie & Rebecca Taylor...