Job Share Network- Chester and Delaware Counties, Pennsylvania

This Group Forum is for people looking for local jobs and for pe...ople looking for employees in Chester and Delaware Counties and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.

Also if you are just looking to hire someone to clean house or mow lawn etc you can post that here!!

Instead of posting jobs for hire or search for jobs on other yard sale sites - post here!

I am a social worker who helps some clients find jobs so I like to know what resources are out there and help connect people to available resources!

I hope this is helpful!
Please post location in your comments too. Thanks!

p.s. I think this is obvious but just a reminder- NO SCAMS please!
Must be a legit job as far as you know.
Job seekers- please check for legitimacy.
I cannot guarantee any ads/jobs, so use this site at your own risk.
If you DO NOT live in PA I will NOT add you to the group so please do not ask! I check your page before adding people ! Thanks!!