Young DRO & clerk future of banking industry

All who r supporting, plz frwrd it with group link, it's tough but if we try we can achieve it,thanks, support needed.
Here is d msg with group link -\-\ Hi everyone, I believe union is not going to do
anything, so we should go unite and convence
our fellow bankers to decide on a date and call
for indefinite strike, it's tough but if we have a
mindset to achieve something den we can get
it, cz we have cleared ibps, dts itself is a great
achievement. Some of u may b under probation
so dey fear of going on strike or not,u hv to b
firm nd tke a decision dt wat we want? working
like slaves or fight for right? nd everyone knows
if banking sector goes on strike for a week den
country economy will hve drastic effect, so plz
get some seniors in,nd spread d msg, to go
against the union leaders nd iba for strike for
immediate nd proper wage revision. Nd if u r supporting plz come nd join us grp link, frwrd it everywhere, support required.