Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Trades & Battles

Everything is allowed within reason
- Breedjects
- Low level
- Rare pokes
- Shiny
- Non shiny
- Non HB
- Battle ready
- Battles
- Powersave
- Genning

How to find the trusted/genner list :
- Go to the top of the page under the joined tab there is a 'Files tab' click that and you should find them:)

Feel free to do your own giveaways :)

- Trade at your own risk,if you feel uncomfortable with trading with a member refuse the trade.

- If you believe you've been scammed please provide screenshots of the conversation and the members IGN and FC. Tag a member of the admin team and we will take the right cause of action and add them to the scammers list

Group Creator: Shane Liepard