Oғғιcιαℓ gяσυρ σғ ғαмσυs тεεη αgεяs σғ ғв

This Group IS Only Fo Teens (:
Here is sm important announcement......
all d members/friend should notify it..
ny1 who leaves dis grp at his/her own wish "WONT BE ADDED BACK" at ny req...!!!!
mr inporantly "NO ADULT TALKS" must b done in grp chat
if ny1 one is found dong such cheap talks dn all d involved ppl will b REMOVED...
or if sm1 offers u fr such disgustng talks dn u shoud immediatly post in grp nd brng dis to d notice of admins wid d name of dat prsn clearly
nd.....no one will pressurise othr membr nd req again nd again fr addng him/her as a persnl frnd n no page promotions.......... Thnks........enjoy...(: