Everton's San Diego Toffees

So my thoughts based on today's game, remembering that the result was not what mattered... 1) For someone who hasn't started for 15 months, Kone looked pretty sharp
2) Garbutt had a pretty decent game going forward, looked a threat
3) McAleny isn't quite ready for the first team yet - too many times he made the wrong decision, but that will come in time
4) Ledson looked classy in the middle of the park. Good distribution. Tired a bit position wise at the end, but one for the future for sure.
5) I hope Jags and Distin don't both get injured! Alcaraz and Barry is not a good pairing, though full backs didn't offer the best cover Overall, the performance was promising for the future. Players looked comfortable on the ball, and tried to play football, which was nice to see. Some encouraging signs long-term. Any thoughts?