Appleton Area Prom/Homecoming/Evening/Wedding Dresses

Welcoming gently used dresses. If its a dress go ahead and post it. Also welcoming shoes that would look good with a Prom, Homecoming, Evening, Wedding, Bridesmaid, and Flower girl dresses. When posting a dress please include the price, the size and if the dress is a women s or juniors. Also if your not from Appleton please post your location city in your post. If your a seller and you don't live in Appleton please be considerate of the buyer and communicate a reasonable meeting place agreeable to both parties. I understand choosing a dress for a special occasion can be a very careful thought process. Try to keep communication open to sellers if you tell them you might be interested or if you are and you change your mind let them know. To the best of knowledge I have tried to delete all the sold dresses. If I missed one I'm sorry. If I think of anything else important to add to this I will update this if need be. Thanks again for joining the group. Happy Shopping!