Bolton, Bury, Wigan, Manchester Buy Sell Swap

Hello and welcome to Bolton, Bury, Wigan, Manchester, Buy Sell Swap!
We do not have many rules but if you break the rules we do have you will be banned immediately with no second chances!
1) Be respectful to every member of the group!
2) No Pets allowed to be bought or sold !
3) Weapons of any kind are not allowed!
4) Abuse to admins will not be tolerated!
5) If you do not agree with a sellers price, please move on and do not comment.
6) No loan ads or catalogue distribution posts !
All items are bought and sold at your own risk, and admins will not be held responsible for disputes between a seller and buyer!
If at all possible could you please put price on or offers around
The admins of the page are- Bev Greenwood, Jake Hamer, Mandy Woodward & Gillian Stott
Please read and acknowledge before posting an ad!
Thank you and enjoy the group