Alii~Hello...Welcome to PALAUAN WORDS AND PHRASES group..."Wanna learn the Palauan words and phrases"? Join us and lets all learn together!...And share it to our young generations....I would like to take this opportunity to speak a behalf of all the ADMIN.....I just want to reminded everyone in this group,Our rules are pretty quite simple....Please post something that useful and meaningful words, so we all can learn. The purpose of this group.... For all of us "NGELKEL BELAU",....To come together and share any Palauan Words and phrases and also our Legendary.Please feel free and may include who you're family and friends....Please keep this group clean of DRAMA, BAD WORDS, DISCRIMINATION and HATE....Respected yourself and each everyone in this group,keep smiling and be nice and be happy....((SULANG))~~((THANK YOU))