Gambian Healthy Eating Support Group and much more to learn from

This group was open by Isha, Haddy and Shorty, is a forum for people who are determined to improve their eating habits for health, personal wellness and other reasons. What you eat can have a dramatic impact on your life expectancy, your mood, your physical and mental well-being and much more. What's your secret? Pls share your thoughts and ask Questions I'm an LPN any question i don't know i will ask the doctors I work with. I told them about opening a group and they are very supportive and wouldn't hesitate to help.

Wolof: Bunge Dun deh Dunda Bu Bakh; Di Neng aam wer gu yaram ak Faan Bu Gudaa!

Mandinka: Domorr Kendo; Aka Jataa Kendeya Ning Simaya Baa Dima!