Krazy Krafting

Just so everyone knows. Starting next year the following will apply. 1. I will not deliver anymore. I have 3 kids to pack up when I have to go out. If you would like to have me ship it I will be happy to do so but you will need to pay for shipping up front with your order 2. Helper orders will be available at my moms house but she has a full time job so hours will be limited to 5:30-8 pm and weekends 3. If someone wants to host a party through you. They will get the 10% but you won't. The 10% is only applicable If it's your party. 4. I am not going to remind people to pay. I will post deadlines and if it's not paid by then the order won't go in. I have a lot of projects in store for next year so please remember the deadline Thank you for making it a great year!!!! I have already seen new stuff for next year. You all are going to love them!!!!!!