Ardmore Buy, Sell, Swap - Winston-Salem, NC

Finally a group for anyone who lives in the Ardmore Neighborhood that has an interest in buying, selling, or trading items. If posting multiple items please keep them limited to one post with multiple photos. All items listed for sale should be for LOCAL PICKUP only. If you don't live in Ardmore and are looking to sell your products and goods use Craigslist/Ebay/newspaper. Posting items not available for local pickup subjects you to permanent removal from the group. Please report to the moderators anyone in violation of that rule.

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Commercial advertising and political endorsements should not be posted to this group. This group is not to be used as a marketing tool for personal business ventures. This group is open and moderated minimally. No one approves the messages before they are posted. While some discomfort is an inevitable part of a free exchange of thought, personal invective, slurs, and ad hominem attacks have no place being posted to the group. In the unlikely event a group member fails to observe these standards, they are subject to be removed from the group. The moderator reserves the right to delete posts for any reason. If you believe a post violates these terms please report it.