A truth-seeking forum and venue to share insight and information related to the war on humanity and more specifically the Syrian theatre and frontline that, while painfully affects Syrians directly, actually relates to us all.

- Syria is a REDLINE for its enemies. its borders can be breached at times, but those who wish it harm will always be forced to leave defeated. What has happened in history will repeat itself, and very soon. The SAA, its supporters, the people, their friends will sooner or later achieve this victory.

- Syria is a REDLINE because its allies Iran and Russia made this known loud and clear to the international community. Together with China, Syria's allies have thus far foiled many attempts of an all-out invasion Iraq-style of Syria.

- Syria is a REDLINE because this is a decisive moment in human history. Should Islamic fundamentalism win in Syria, God forbid, then the entire world becomes at risk of a wave of takfiris and their sleeper cells popping up everywhere and as far as the most remote regions on the planet.

The War On Syria is one that must be won, and it will be won, for as long as we keep Syria a Redline