Christopher Columbus School - Edna Brown's kids

My mother was a human being. I saw her as only a thirteen year old could. She was my source. My blueprint. I loved her more than life itself... THINGS I REMEMBER ABOUT MY MOM: * My mom used to say, "I love watching you, Chrissy. You have such a zest for life." * She said, "You remind me of me." * When I was three, I picked a red tulip from the neighbor's yard. She made me return it and say I was sorry. * She was valedictorian in high school and graduated summa cum laude from college. * People smiled at her and stopped to talk to her a lot. * People were always found sitting around our kitchen table. * She smelled like Lilies of the Valley... sometimes. * She gave me a love of nature, animals, and small children. * She taught me to be gentle and to appreciate gentleness in others. * She always said what she thought, but never offended anyone. * When someone was mean to me, she said to "kill them with kindness." * She told hundreds of stories about the things she'd learned from life. * She sang beautiful, sad, old songs. * She read every spare second she had. * She always wished she had more spare seconds. * She could stop you from doing something wrong with just a look. * She taught that everyone deserves respect. * She loved her dad and wished he hadn't died so young. She tried to bring him alive for us. * Whenever anyone asked how many children she had, she always said, "Seven, but one died." I grew up with my brother's ghost. * She kept all her old boyfriend's pictures in a box. * She said, "It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind;" and "All you owe a boy is your company." * She was a teacher. She taught about life and English, French, and Drama * She read me a lot of poetry. * She taught me to listen to others: "You can learn from anyone." * As a girl, she organized her eleven brothers and sisters into a theater group. They put on plays in the backyard while her mother and father were at work.The price of admission was one button. * She laughed a lot. * She was the eldest in her family, her father's favorite. * She had a brother die at the age of twelve from a rock someone threw that hit him in the temple. * She had a Boston Terrier that came home one day with an arrow in it's breast and died. * She once refused to date a boy because when he was younger he had killed a bird. *She had great faith in God. *She worked three jobs to put herself through college.