Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodow | Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

The goal of this group is the promotion of the traditions of the Polish Commonwealth around the world. The Commonwealth, which was a union of Kingdom of Poland and GDL, was unique at its time for it's high level of ethnic and religiouss diversity. Rzeczpospolita (The Commonwealth) was known throughout Europe for having religious tolerance unusual for its age.

The Polish Commonwealth was a dualistic state ruled by a common monarch. It was one of the largest and one of the most populous countries of 16th- and 17th-century Europe and a multi-ethnic population of 11 million at its peak in the early 17th century. It was established at the Union of Lublin and disappeared as an independent state after the Third Partition of Poland in 1795.

The Union possessed features unique among contemporary states. Its political system was characterized by strict checks upon monarchical power. These checks were enacted by a legislature controlled by the nobility. This idiosyncratic system was a precursor to modern concepts of democracy, constitutional monarchy, and federation.

Poland was the dominant partner in the union.

Hitler and Stalin did all they could to destroy the beautiful diversity of Poland, unfortunately with success. This group exists to change the way of history, and revive the so long oppressed and today lost traditions of the Polish Commonwealth.


Celem grupy jest promocja tradycji I Rzeczpospolitej, w Polsce i na świecie. Rzeczpospolita była multikulturalnym krajem w którym panowała tolerancja wobec innych religii, ustanowiona podczas Konfederacji Warszawskiej w 1573 roku. Rok po masakrze Hugenotów w Paryżu.

Dzisiejsza unietniczna Polska jest tworem sztucznym stworzonym przez Hitlera i Stalina, za pomocą karabinów i propagandy. Celem tej grupy jest nie dać tym dwóm zbrodniarzom ostatecznie wygrać poprzez promocje wartości i tradycji tego okresu.