Exeter University Dead Poets Society

Exeter University Dead Poets Society.


Anna - atr205
Iona - ib259
Abi - ags212
Izzy - icpr201
Erin - eb453
Tara - tsm209

This is a newly-formed society, and our entire aim is to promote Spoken Word performance. This can be either slam poetry, monologues, poetry accompanied with music, or any kind of spoken word that you want to create and/or listen to.

This will include weekly sessions where you can perform your work, listen to other people perform their stuff, and work on developing your creative mind. Alongside this, we'll be taking the opportunity to watch some great performances online and share some advice on how to write and perform whatever it is you want to perform.

And let's not forget socials, which will involve going to any local slam poetry jams and then drinking in true artistic fashion at Firehouse.

Please like our Facebook page to get involved, and look for us during Fresher's Week!