Jennifer's Marlboro Area Yardsale

Description and rules:
I created this group because I have a huge amount of items to sell. You can post as many items as you want here, but please be sure to delete once sold.

Sellers, please include price and location on all posts, and please go down the list of interested ppl in order, giving each person four hrs to respond before moving on to next person. If someone asks a question about an item, consider them interested in it. When an item is awaiting pickup, mark it PPU (pending pick up) in the comments section, and delete the item/post as soon as it is picked up. Also, you may only bump your posts every 24 hrs.You may cross post items. Just make sure to state that it is cross posted, and to keep track of who was first to express interest.

Buyers, please state "interested" in the comment section of the post if you wish to buy an item. Tagging someone does not hold an item for them. Sending a personal message does not let you cut ahead of those who have expressed interest on the comment section.

No deliberately rude comments or drama, or you will be blocked.

If you are a business local to Marlboro, or if you have a group of your own, you may post once a week to advertise.

There are no refunds except at the discretion of the seller.

Selling weapons, drugs, fake purses etc is illegal. Don't do it here.

If you fail to comply with the rules, you will be banned from this site.