We are Chelsea Blue Blooded die Hardcore fans.thick and thin we shall Support this club ktbffh ctwd ..up up Bluesss


1. We are Family so dont dare to break that.Warnings are given for statutory posts or threads not for any over limitation cases
2. No personal taunts, abuses, slangs or mocking unless its accepted from both parties.
3. Say No to Racism or Familial abuses... I mean BIG NO.No warnings you are straight away erased even without warning.
4. Views differ but you dint like comment or post just ignore.No misunderstanding.
5. Its Chelsea forum Non Chelsea Fans are not welcomed here.
6. Questioning admn without reason or fact is a crime.If a post is erased its removed for good reason you can clarify via mesg box
7. No sharing of Pages, Adds or Group links here.One warning will be given rest assured.
8. No Nude or Death or Violent pictures shall be posted here.
8. Equal gender acclaimation Men or Women both shall be respected here..Kindly be sensible and polite towards Girls or Ladies (Mandatory).
9.Rules are Rules whether admn or member..Its mandatory to follow .Members are required to report those posts which are irrelevant abusive or provoking
10. No comparison between Chelsea any Chelsea players Ex or Current.If so post will get deleted..You will face ban for 1 Week if you compare first time..15 days for next time and 1 month for 3rd time..
11.Kindly read the rules above and follow it.........#PEACE xD