Australian Performance VW group

This is a Facebook page that creates a community for Performance VW owners and enthusiast. Feel free to join even if you have a passion for the product.

Basic rules
1. Keep the cussing to a minimum: This is a community so lets keep it moderate on the swearing! No one likes swear heads!
2. Don't 'dis' others rides: Once again community! Accept others peoples rides and know that you may not like it but it's all about personal touch and to the taste of the creator
3. Try not to spam the page with unnecessary posts... The occasional funny one is cool, but once its repetitive it doesn't keep the page's true essence!
4. Have fun: We are car guys! Lets embrace that!
5. Putting others down is technically bullying! if someone is found bullying another individual it will be considered amongst the admins whether to remove or not..

Kris Muller
Chris Fong
Mel Conwell
Mo Kazzi
Amir Iskander
Matt Watson

Please feel free to contact any of us if you have an issue! Thanks