Yang Meh Meh Club

A place where all the Yang Mehs Mehs of Singapore Unite!

FB Pag...e: https://www.facebook.com/NZWorkingHoliday.SG

We are a group of young, aspiring and adventurous travelers from Singapore that has taken a non-conventional and daring step in applying for a WHV to New Zealand in search of our new direction and purpose in life, as well as gaining the once in a lifetime experience working, living and travelling concurrently in a unfamiliar environment over there. And of cos not forgetting to go there and purify our lungs at the same time haha!

Why go for NZWHV now?
1) Cos SG only allows us to go NZ.. eh which isn't a bad choice anw!
2) You can only go once in your lifetime, so if not now den when?
3) After 30 years old, you are being labeled as too OLD to go for it!
4) The term "Grad Trip" is overated, this is the TRUE GRAD TRIP of your LIFETIME! So start jioing all ur friends!
5) Gain valuable Experience
6) Add colours to your Resume
7) Make lots of new friends of common interest along the way, be it SG or foreigners!
8) Indulge in the culture of the local Kiwis
9) Opportunity to take fantastic photos of beautiful landscape in NZ which you can't see them anywhere near Singapore.
10) Purify your lungs!

Sharing of useful information, websites and even photos of your Kiwi experience are most welcome here!