Fareham/Gosport/Portsmouth WAGS

This is a group set up to offer friendship, advice, info, weekly events and somewhere you can rant away when your civvies friends "just don't get it".
The group was made for forces wife's and girlfriends for a few reasons.....
*to make friends with people in your neighbourhood
*so we are all in the same boat (excuse the pun)
*to help make moves from quarters easier (always helps if you know your neighbours and the area first).

Sometimes opinions differ and things are taken wrongly, this is the Internet after all. The majority of the time these situations are solved quickly and it's smiles all round again.

We arrange events like coffee mornings at our houses, soft play area trips, walks, quiet nights out, crazy nights out.
There's always a party going on (candles, chocolate, jewellery etc).
Feel free to join in or suggest an event.
We also try to involve ourselves with charity events.
Or if you don't feel like joining in just sit back and enjoy the ride (and the photos).

Post away freely but always remembering loose lips sink ships and keep your full addresses off the page for your own security.

Welcome, enjoy the group, enjoy your posting and here's to new friends (forces style).

Lots of love,
Your Admins,