Costco Healthy Eating and Every Day Staples

Costco Healthy Eating and Every Day Staples is for people in Queensland Australia, who want to know what is available for healthy living and products that we use every day and for people who want to know if we can buy Costco products cheaper than elsewhere, or buy our everyday staples from Costco. I am definitely finding it worth shopping there, and some price comparisons here might help you to work out if this will be the same for you.
We will not tolerate any bickering or nastiness or swearing nor bullying of other members. Try not to judge, as we are all different.
We would like to see healthy options and items that we use every day promoted here, what they have, how much they sell for, quantities, or the quality of such items.
Other groups promote a lot of junk food. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that, we just want an alternative.
I am trying to compile albums added with pictures and prices. I have broken them down into categories to make it easier but it will take a bit of time. It is a photo of the Costco product and the price. You will need to click on the picture for information and prices. You can scroll through to see more. Some categories are fresh fruit and veg, cleaning and household, and there will be more such as stationary, health-hygiene- toiletries, freezer, meat - chicken - fish , etc. but that gives you an idea of what I am trying to do. There will also be a folder for treats and sweets for those who need or want it but the idea of a separate folder is that you don't have to go into it. We don’t want the sweets and treats to be our focus, but it is there as a handy reference, for example, for times we want to entertain, but I don’t want this to overrun the page please.
I also have a separate post which has basics and some other things and the comparative price at the competitors (which I am fast discovering is no comparison for the things I usually buy). I will need to buy things there because of locality and because I cannot get them at Costco, but where I can, I will be, as I will definitely be saving, even given cost of fuel, and tolls.
If people don't mind, I would love to use your pics and prices to help me compile and add to the albums I have begun to put together. As you can imagine, it is very, very time consuming, so it would be a great help. If anyone objects, please let me know. Thanks
Remember to post your recipes and your finds. I won't see everything and some things I don't take notice of because of my allergies and stuff. Group effort
Thanks for your understanding and your support.