Good Samaritan- Dominican Republic

Good Samaritan- Community Development
Esperanza, Dominican Republic
According to UNESCO reports from 2010, the Dominican Republic is one of the nations in Latin America with the highest out-of-school rates for children under 12. Girls experience consistent disadvantage in accessing education, and 12% of adults are illiterate.
The Good Samaritan Inc. students are offered opportunities to interact with native English speakers in order to improve their language skills and also to build a global paradigm that can prevent poverty. Connecting with the world at large helps The Good Samaritan students and Pepperdine students to better understand the world and our place within it. This team will help prepare health and hygiene lessons, develop baseball skills, and help develop English skills. Additionally, this team will visit public schools and nearby communities to better understand Esperanza and the sustainable development efforts happening in the region.