You know you are from Yorba Linda when...

1.Your parents own their own business

2.Your parents are season ticket holders for the Angels or Ducks...or both

3.You remember how many more fans the Angels got when they won the World Series

4.You were at Game Six in 2002 when the Angels rallied back, and remember how loud it was

5.You saw the Angels win the World Series in Game 7, or the Ducks win the Cup in Game 5

5.Your high school was not in Yorba Linda

6.Public high school football games all occurred at Bradford Stadium

7.Your commute to high school took about 15 minutes

8.You used to/still go to In N Out, Edwards, or Cinema City to hang out

9.You have seen a fight break out at In N Out, Edwards, or Cinema City

10.You have gotten a curfew ticket at In N Out, Edwards, or Cinema City

11.You now hang out at Hidden Cafe

12.CANYON INN, FOXFIRE, or TGIF...the choices are endless

13.JUSA soccer> AYSO soccer

14. RDO, BFE, Stonehaven, East Lake, Hidden Hills, San Antonio, Black and Gold

15.You have been body boarding in the rain at Yorba Linda Country Club

16.You remember Family Fun Center next to Camelot before it got torn down

17.The go-karts and battle boats at Family Fun Center

18.You remember the construction of the giant Savi Ranch Sign

19.You have been to a 909/951/White Trash Themed party

20.You hate Brea PD

21.You are still baffled why there is no Yorba Linda Police Department

22.You have a friend who knows why there is no Yorba Linda Police Department

23.City Council meetings on Channel 3

24.Tommy Lasorda Field House

25.You are a member of or have attended a service at Friends Church

26.You refer to Yorba Linda as "The Y-L"

27.The only organized sport your middle school had was Track....and everyone was on the track team

28.You wasted an entire school day at Bradford Stadium for the Middle School Track Meet

29.You have one of those Richard Nixon Stamps with a Glass Case surronding it from that Geography Competition

30.Your proctor for the Geography Competition was at least 75

31.You have only been to the Richard Nixon Library for these reasons:
-School Field Trip
-School Awards Ceremony
-Prom pictures at the fountain out front

32.You tell people to go to the Nixon library because it is the only tourist "attraction" in town

33.You live 100 feet from a horse trail

34.Your street has a Horse crossing on it

35.YORBA LINDA STAR(yes, yorba linda has a newspaper)

36.You only check the police report in the Yorba Linda Star

37.USC Football flags on all the expensive SUVs and cars

38.You are shunned for liking UCLA

39.You know someone who knows Audrina from The Hills, or know her personally

40.You have Atreyu's first CD Visions, "before they got big"

41."Atreyu went to my high school"

42.You know the Forces(drag racing team), and have partied with one of the daughters

43.Oktoberfest at St. Martin was a glorious time of year for you

44.You know that Yorba Linda is the "richest city in America" according to CNN(Household Median Income)

45.You have been ice skating at Ice Palace

46.Lifted trucks or Expensive car- the only two vehicles you know

47.You know what a "bro" is

48.Parties are broken up with at least 5 cop cars

49.You know how to wakeboard/snowboard/surf/skateboard...and are good at all of them

50.Hava-brew, Glamis, Ocotillo...Everyone has gone once

51.You have blown by the digital speed limit sign on Yorba Linda BLVD late at night just to see it FLASH QUICKLY

52.You have gone at least 70 on Esperanza Road, La Palma, or Imperial Hwy

53.You have been pulled over Esperanza Road, La Palma, or Imperial Hwy Esperanza High School, you FUCKING hate the bridge

55.Fiesta Day Parade

56.You have gotten drunk on the 4th and watched the fireworks at the park behind Yorba Linda Middle School

57.You had no idea that park was called Hurless Barton Park

58.You have seen/participated in the East Lake Boat Parade

59.You have jumped into East Lake

60.You watched that 100 year old train pass through the city 7 years ago

61.You have done donuts on the grass at Eastside Park

62.You go to the Fry's parking lot to do donuts in puddles when it rains...

63.You have been running on the horse trails before

64.You have stepped in horse shit

65.You refuse to drive to BFE if you do not live there

66.You take the freeway to get to BFE

67.You remember Nickel Nickel before it became Hidden Cafe

68.You know that there is a college here...It's called the Fairmont Adult Education Center

69.You know they are finally building a high school in Yorba Linda

70.All the street names are Spanish, but there are no Mexicans

71.You thought it was Arnold's house being built in Hidden Hills....

72.You were really bummed when you found it was just a regular family

73.Your friends who aren't from around here comment on the size of that white house

74.You are confused about that one random old house by Del Taco on Esperanza by Imperial

75.You have seen the house with the two miniature replica houses right next to it

76.Your graduation was at.....BRADFORD STADIUM

77.The Travis-Bernardo rivalry, which stopped Day 1 of High School at Esperanza

78.Someone on your street drives a Porsche, Ferrari, or Lamborghini...or a combination of above vehicles

79.You have wondered why the Public Library is the same color as Pepto Bismol

80.Trick-or-Treating scored you the family sized pack of candy

81.You played Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, and all other sports when you were a kid

82.You were a Trailblazer, Matador, or Bobcat

83. You know that Lakeview and Imperial magically cross right by Chili's and McDonald's

84.You remember the smoking doll that Officer Willy brought to your school for DARE

85.You still smoke after seeing the smoking doll demonstration

86.You have wondered why there is a random giant water tower in the Village Center(it's a cell phone tower)

87.You have been to the farmer's market on main street

88.You think Main Street is the most boring place ever

89.You rep your city as "the Land of Gracious Living"

90.You can not go a day without seeing a license plate that says "LAND OF GRACIOUS LIVING" on it

91.You are Mormon or have a bunch of Mormon friends

92.You have been to a Mormon dance

93.You know at least 5 people who have gotten a DUI

94.You know that Cinema City was better when it was Cinemapolis

95.You have 5 black friends, and out of those 5, only 1 is really black

96.When you played rec basketball when you were a kid, it was their black/asian kid versus your black/asian kid

97.Bari Bari....

98.You remember the guy with the sign at the railroad tracks

99.You have seen the Yorba Linda walker multiple times in a day cruising up and down Yorba Linda Boulevard